Preliminary trailer for my dissertation.




Carrack Gallery, Durham. The above three videos looped inside this industrial card catalogue drawer. “Re-Educational Filmstrips” (3 videos, TRT 25min.) Video (mp4 file, screen, media player), 35mm filmstrips, audio cassette tapes, metal file drawer, Polaroid camera, scanner “Educational film strips were shown in classrooms from the 1930s-1980s as cheaper, and less technically challenging, alternatives to projecting 16mm film educational films. They both served the same purpose: documentary-style “edu-tainment.” In both cases, such audiovisual materials were often sponsored or co-sponsored by an industry of some kind. Keeping that in mind, through repurposing (collecting, rescanning, adding alternate soundtracks, animating) and changing how they are presented, I question the messages they convey and institutional backing implied.”

Compilation of several films I edited, formatted, and transcoded for the iPearl Theater at North Carolina State University’s Hunt Library. See related exhibit here.

The trailer for the screening that accompanied the exhibit.

Harvard Library grant-funded video essay/essay film that cablecasted on Raleigh Public Access channel 10 in 2015.

Old stuff.

VAE Berzerk Show
“Childhood Nightmare” on display at Visual Art Exchange, 2014